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Superfast Broadband within St Cuthbert Without Parish Council Area   ()


BT have been working on their Connecting Cumbria project, laying fibre to many villages and hamlets across the county.  The Parish Council has been advised that 90% of properties are now able to upgrade to ‘superfast’ broadband.  However, households must contact a service provider to upgrade their service and it doesn’t always cost more.  The benefits to residents and businesses are faster download/upload times and the ability to have more devices using wifi simultaneously.


However, there is a further important point.  The more people sign up for fibre broadband, indicating a need for the service, the more money is made available for continuing to lay fibre cable to the harder to reach properties. Without people signing up for the service, BT cannot make the case for more funding.


There is also an issue with people not knowing that their local cabinet is enabled and therefore not realising they can upgrade to superfast broadband.  If you are not sure if you can currently connect, you can check here:


Further details on current developments within the super-fast network are also available to view from this web site.


St Cuthbert Without Parish Council is very interested in hearing from residents within the parish who would like to connect but are currently unable to achieve this, due to the lack of network availability.  Please contact the Clerk if you are still unable to connect.